19 mei 2008

Getting ready...

We're getting ready for the big event, on Sunday. The house is slowly getting back in it's normal state (and, of course, better state than before the big works). There are still some little things to do but for now the big breaking and dust-producing works are done and we are very happy with the way things worked out.
There's still some checking things, cleaning and shopping to do and then we are ready for Sunday. Veerle is super excited, every day she asks: how many more nights, mommy?
Yesterday we dressed her up like she is supposed to on Sunday, and did her hair and everything, and made some very nice photo's in our new back yard. She was so proud of her clothes (and, of course, I was too, having it made myself). I will show you the pic when the weekend is over, as it still has to be a surpise.
But anyway, I wanted to let you know I'm still here and haven't forgotten about you all... i't's just that I am buzzing my days away, being a busy bee!!!

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Many blessings to you and your family on the special day!!!

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