11 november 2007

stitching like crazy...

Since I'm resting quite a lot now I have a lot of time to stitch, and here's the result of that:

My Quaker Study is growing very fast. The picture doesn't show the beauty and richness of the thread (Currant from GAST) as it is quite a cloudy day here and I wasn't able to get a better picture. I hope to have it finished soon.

I also wanted to show you the beautiful blocks Chantal sent me in the Fair and Square exchange, I think they're lovely!

These are the blocks I sent to her:

Now I'm off to do some more stitching on the Quaker Study, it is just the right weather for that...

7 opmerkingen:

Iris zei

Mooi,mooi, mooi ! !

Annemarie zei

Zeg, waar stop je je kinderen eigenlijk als je borduurt :o)))

Hoe voel je je? Zit je oor nog in het verband?

Je Quaker Study schiet aardig op, hè? En wat een toeval dat je Chantal als partner had. Mooie blokjes hebben jullie voor elkaar geborduurd!

Vonna zei

The Quaker Study is coming along beautifully :) And I love the blocks that you exchanged...both of you! Congrats! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Nijntjejv zei

Wauw mooi, Willeke. Vooral je Quaker Study vind ik gaaf worden.

Groetjes, Jeanine

tara zei

I really love what you have stitched, specially the pumpkin;o)

Tanya zei

Hi Willeke!
I released A TURN IN THE GARDEN today ~ you did a beautiful job. Thank you so much again for being the model stitcher on this project. I've posted the info on my website and Blog with credit to you, my dear.

I have been swamped but have your package to send this week. Take good care, Tanya :)

Francine zei

Wat een prachtige dingen maak jij toch!

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