20 december 2007

Almost Christmas

... and I still have no clue about how many guests to expect and what to make for Christmas dinner... so I guess today's my job to surf some recipes websites and make shopping lists!
This was my view from the living room window this morning:

Only the thinnest layer of snow, but just enough to give you that special feeling of a white and serene world while walking the kids to school...

And last but not least I want to show you our Christmas tree. All unbreakable decoration since dog and kids like to jump around...

Not much to mention on the stitch front nowadays. I am working on two small pieces but cannot show you yet, I hope to finish one of them tonight.

7 opmerkingen:

Annemarie zei

Hé Willeke! Heeft het bij jullie gesneeuwd????? Hier is niets te zien! Nou moe...
Ik mail je nog. Volgens jaar kom ik weer op bezoek hoor! Het heeft lang genoeg geduurd!

tara zei

beautiful view! all that snow!!!

Sommeke zei

Fijne feestdagen gewenst Willeke!
Yvonne aka sommeke

Karen en Marc zei

en wij hebben geen sneeuw gehad. Ik denk dat het aan de grens gestopt is geweest. Lol

Kieny zei

The snow looks lovely! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Von zei

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! What did you decide to serve for dinner? There were 21 people served here on Xmas so I had both a turkey and a ham. :D

CresceNet zei
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