06 juli 2008

I've been spoilt

Yesterday was my birthday and boy have I been spoilt... I got a Zen, Jamie Olivers latest book, gift certificates, tapas bowls and a book called "Sleeping Arrangements" which seems perfect for taking on vacation!
Also, there were some stunning gifts in the mail, first of all I got a gift from Saskia, she was making something for me in the birthday exchange of our Dutch Borduurhoekje mail group. I was stunned when I opened it, she has kept in mind what I like so well! She had made me this beautiful needlebook with a lovely LHN design on it, AND the matching scissor fob (which was stitched over one thread and so neatly done!):

But there was even more, an Isabelle Vautier pattern I have seen on her blog once, with the necessary threads AND frame, and last but not least two beautiful summery LHN fruit thread packs:

I'll just have to find three matching pieces of fabric, they will definitely all go in my stitching bag for vacation!

Then there was this package from my dear friend Chantal, which contained the most beautiful bag she made:

Also in the picture are the two patterns with matching JABC buttons she sent me: January and February in the Stitch Every Day Teapot Series. I don't think I can manage to stitch on them while we're on vacation, but hey, I can try, can't I?

Saskia and Chantal, I want to thank you both so much for these precious gifts, they made me very happy!

8 opmerkingen:

Iris zei

Leuke kadootjes Willeke !!
Je bent maar lekker verwend !!

Annemarie zei

Moooooie cadeautjes, zeg! Bof jij even. Die tas is errug geslaagd. Zelf gemaakt door Chantal? Jeumig...

Yvonne aka sommeke zei

Te laat, maar toch nog gemeend : van harte proficiat met je verjaardag!

Isabella zei

Nog vergeten om op tijd een berichtje te sturen :(
Nog van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag. Wat heb je een leuke cadeautjes gekregen!

Vonna zei

Happiest of birthdays Willeke! And look at all YOUR goodies ;) Chantal's bag is just gorgeous and wool needlebook and fob set is divine (did you know I was the model stitcher for the fob in the set?) It is a fun one to stitch for sure!
I wish you many more birthdays to come ;)

tkdchick zei

Happy Birthday! What great handmade gifts!

Alexis zei

Happy belated Birthday! And what lovely things you got!

Creative Chaos zei

Je bent lekker verwend, Willeke !!
Ik kan vreemd genoeg niet op je laaste blog reageren, maar ja , zal Blogger wel weer zijn :-)
Mag ik je toevoegen ??
Patti xx

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