10 februari 2008

Almost forgot...

... the most important thing of all... I have been awarded the "You make my day award" by Iris, which means she is inspired by my blog! Isn't that an honour? Thanks so much Iris!!!
Now, I have to do a most difficult (if not impossible) job: to name the 7 blogs that inspire me the most... let me say that all the blogs you find on the left side of this page are an inspiration to me, or they wouldn't be in that list!!! But here are 7 that I think definitely deserve to be awarded in one way or the other...

Stukje bij Beetje (Bit by Bit) by the lovely Francine, who makes photographing daily things to an art and makes me smile while reading her lovely blog

Wacky Wanderings by dear Annemarie who I've been lucky enough to find just about right next to my door by surprising Harmien, I guess she knows why (think Holiday season...), it was a joy to meet you in person!

Stof en Draad by Chantal, who is just such a dear friend

Sommeke by Yvonne, who always is willing to answer with my beginner patchwork questions

Mainely Stitching by Barbara, because I just don't know how she does it all, and I mean that in the most complimentous way!

The Twisted Stitcher by Vonna, who is an inspiration and a big help through both this blog and her tutorial blog as well

Well I could go on and on, and please note I put that in the most random way I could, because, like I said, every blog I follow is of the most importance to me!!!

5 opmerkingen:

Annemarie zei

Awwwwwwwwww, that's so sweet, Willeke. Just so you know, you make my day too!

Barbara zei

Thank you so much, Willeke! :D You're too sweet!

Yvonne aka sommeke zei

Hé Willeke,
Bedankt en ja hoor, jij maakt mijn dag ook goed!

Vonna zei

Thank you Willeke :) You make me smile as well.

Anoniem zei

What a great way to celebrate my blogiversary. Thank you, Willeke!!
Congrats on your certificate!!!!

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