21 februari 2008

Spring fever...

With two beautiful weekends behind us I was getting a bit of spring fever, and since I had to stitch something for Verona in the birthday exchange of our Dutch group, I decided to stitch her the needleroll of the "Spring fobs" pattern from Heart in Hand. Thursday was Verona's birthday and she ysterday told me she has received her package. So here is the needleroll:
I already made her Heart Fob from this pattern earlier, so now she has a set! Now I don't have that many "obligations" on the stitch front anymore, and I decided to take a break from the Fair & Square exchange for a while and so did not enter the next round. I want to focus on my own stitching and on sewing the dress for my daughters First Holy Communion on May 25. Wednesday evening I drawed the pattern so hopefully over the weekend I'll find some time to make a proof before cutting in the good (and expensive) fabric...

7 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Oooh, wat is-ie leuk geworden!! Ik moet dat toch ook eens proberen, hoor! Het ziet er zo mooit uit! Prettig weekend!!

Vonna zei

I love the needleroll Willeke! And my twins are making their First Holy Communion on April 13. Luckily I already found suits for them...handsome boys they shall be as they receive Jesus for the first time! :)

Barbara zei

Lovely pattern - one I actually hope to do for myself, using Anne's recent tutorial for needlerolls on the Focus On Finishing blog. ;)

Isabella zei

Ik wist niet dat jou dochter ook de communie doet. Mijn kinderen doen hem ook dit jaar, 1 mei al.
Ben jij ook al druk bezig met de voorbereidingen? Leuk is dat hé!

Willeke zei

@Harmien: I'm sure you will do a beautiful job when trying, you make such pretty things...

@Vonna: I'm sure your boys'll look lovely on their big day, please make sure to show pics, okay?

@Barbara: that's the same tutorial I used for this one and I can only say it was such a fun job to do. Not hard at all, and with such a beautiful result!

@Isabella: really just starting to plan haha... maybe a bit late but I'm sure we will get everything arranged in time!

Sonda in OR zei

What a lovely needlebook! You do very nice work!

Francine zei

Oh dit is echt supermooi!

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