10 februari 2008

It's been a while...

... and I have lots and lots to show and tell!

First of all, I already told you we were celebrating carnival here last week. I owe you the pics of my two beautiful daughters during those days, so here they come:
Isabelle as Pippi Longstocking:
Veerle as a Japanese:
After the celebrating was over, we were of course worn out so we had some quiet vacation days afterwards (with a bit of the flue here and there which luckily didn't last that long), in which I did quite a lot of stitching. I finished my round 5 Fair & Square blocks, which I am going to bring to the post office tomorrow to be sent to Danica. Then, I finished the first block in the Quilted Hearts Afghan, which was quite a relief, as this was a difficult block. Unfortunately block 7 is the same, only mirrorred, that is something to not look forward to... but the result is stunning I think:
I already am quite far along with block 2, which is a lot easier to stitch, I expect to finish that in the coming week. But first I am working on a birthday exchange for our Dutch stitching group, which I have to send out soon. Can you believe I stitched that in the garden this afternoon, we have had such a beautiful weekend here with lots and lots of sun! I think I even got some tan while stitching!

I told you last week was the 3rd anniversary of our Dutch Borduurhoekje, and this is what I made for the exchange:
It is Heart in Hands' Heart Fob (from the pattern Spring Fobs) in DMC floss on 32 count beige vintage linen.

Oh, and one more pic to show you: my cousin from New Zealand sent me a very nice present:

Some very nice Maori quilt fabrics to play with and a beautiful quilt magazine.
She told me she wants to see the result on my blog, so I guess I'll have to get to some patchworking soon again..

Last but not least, I got some good news last week: I passed my exams last December and so have earned myself the "Certificate of Proficiency in English" from the University of Cambridge!

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Tanya zei

What great pictures, Willeke! Your daughters are beautiful. Hmmm, me like that fabric :) Enjoy!


Anoniem zei

Wow, this floral work is exquisite!! So lovely, truly it is! You do beautiful work, thank you for sharing it!

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