31 januari 2008

Suprise exchange

The Dutch Yahoo Group "Borduurhoekje" (which translates as Stitching Corner) is celebrating its 3rd Birthday tomorrow! It is such a wonderful group to be a member of, lots of lovely ladies (and one guy), some of which have become such dear friends over the years. The owners, Iris and Simone, decided to organize a Suprise Exchange for this event, and I was the happy receiver of a package sent by Eva. I think the pics speak for themselves:

In the meantime we are preparing for carnaval here. I made new costumes for my daughters, for my 7-year old a kimono and for my 3-year old a Pippi Longstocking costume. The latter needs only a few stitches today and then I'm finished. Of course I'll make pics when they are wearing their costumes to school tomorrow. Here's a pic of them in the new princess dresses we bought last week (they were so cheap, I couldn't compete sewing them myself):

Today I'm going to try and finish my block 1 from the Quilted Hearts Garden afghan, that would be great to close January with...

5 opmerkingen:

Barbara zei

Very cute exchange!

Carnival ... Nicky, our 2nd son, can't wait for it. We never do anything for it, but perhaps this year will have to be different. ;)

Tanya zei

Darling picture of your girls - there's nothing like a princess dress, how fun!


Anoniem zei

Aaw, your girls look very cute!!
Great exchange!

tkdchick zei

Oh wow that tape measure is to die for!!!

Laura zei

Wonderful exchange you received and your daughters look cute in their princess dresses.

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