07 januari 2008

Noah's Ark afghan

As promised I am going to show you some pics of my Noah's Ark afghan. I decided to rotate it with the snowbuddies as after a while I get tired of one piece so then I take the other. Here's how it looked when I started it again after quite some time:

The boat in the middle was the result of one sunday afternoon and evening during Christmas vacation. I liked stitching it so much that already it has grown beyond this:

When I got home after work today there was a note in my mailbox that the mailman was there with a package that had to be signed for, I am going to pick it up at the post office tomorrow after work. If it is what I think it is (the fabric for my new afghan), then I'll know what to do tomorrow night... make a start! I already have the thread sorted out for the first 7 blocks:

Well I have done my chores for tonight (ironing, blegh, that is not one of my favorites) so I'm of to making a pot of rooibos tea, and on to my stitching!

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